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Seymour Johnson AFB, United States, North America
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Mid Career (2+ years of experience)
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Full time

Aircrew Scheduling Support Specialist

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ACC Fighter Squadron Operations Support

Program Position Title

Aircrew Scheduling Support Specialist

Program Labor Category

Subject Matter Expert Lvl 1

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Primary Function

Position: Aircrew Scheduling Support Specialist

Provide ACC active duty fighter squadron functional support,

Scheduling Support is a challenging, dynamic process. Even after the schedule is printed, numerous changes are normally required because of aircraft mechanical problems, medical issues, flight evaluation requirements, expiring event currencies, deployments and student training continuity. Weather conditions and other factors beyond the control of the scheduler also limit flying opportunities. The scheduler needs to be able to adapt quickly to changing circumstances in a medium to high stress environment.

Duties include:

  • Coordinate with the training officer, squadron aviation resource management (SARM), UDM, and Operations Officer (DO) to arrange a schedule to facilitate operations, qualification, upgrade, test, exercises, and continuation training accomplishment to meet required currency and progression standards, in accordance with DO priorities.
  • Build long- and short-range shift schedules to ensure full coverage of all aircrew, instructor, evaluator, support personnel, and supervisor positions. Coordinate with senior squadron leadership on a daily and weekly basis.
  • Keep track when crewmembers will be on leave, temporary duty, have scheduled medical appointments or other scheduling commitments. Contractor will deconflict crewmember schedules and work with flight leadership to ensure crews are available to meet assigned sortie taskings.
  • Track daily flight/ground/academic training requirements and accomplishments to facilitate accurate flight scheduling as directed by the operations officer. To the maximum extent possible, schedule aircrew based on experience to mitigate Operational Risk Management (ORM). Updates will be reported to squadron and wing leadership.
  • Facilitate last-minute schedule changes to ensure full coverage by working with the current mission commander/operations supervisor (or equivalent) and flight responsible for the shift that is not fully manned.
  • Obtain aircraft and equipment availability data from maintenance (MX) and schedule crewmembers for training, exercises, simulators, and operations, as required.
  • Publish/post scheduling data for unit long-/short-range ground/academic, flying, and simulator training event schedules on PEX, or other computer database systems.
  • Comply with Ops Group and scheduling chiefs’ locally-developed guidance when building the schedule.
  • Determine flight, ground, and simulator schedule requirements for upgrade, initial qualification, requalification, transition, currency, and continuation training based on syllabus requirements, student progression, weather, and daily equipment/training range availability.
  • Perform daily updates of scheduling data to compensate for changing conditions and training completion rates.
  • Coordinate with Operations Support Squadron (OSS) Plans department, outside agencies/exercise participants and higher headquarters, for example: RED FLAG, GREEN FLAG, Weapons School support, for reporting and to facilitate exercise and special event schedule coordination.
  • Provide inputs to OSS Scheduling and update daily Supervisor of Flying (SOF) and Top 3 schedules.
  • Correlate sortie length and airspace requirements with syllabus requirements.
  • The employee shall attend:

-        Weekly special use airspace scheduling meeting for schedule coordination and deconfliction.

-        Weekly planning/coordinating airspace restrictions meeting for schedule coordination and deconfliction.

-        Monthly range scheduling meetings per PWS Table 3 –Performance Locations for schedule coordination and deconfliction.


-        Knowledge Skills and Abilities (KSA)

    1. Two (2) years of experience working as a fighter squadron flight scheduler
    2. Two (2) years of experience working with PEX or similar proprietary scheduling program.
    3. Intermediate-level proficiency in the use/application of Microsoft Office products.


-        Demonstrated experience with Microsoft Office Suite applications (Outlook, Word, PowerPoint, Excel, Access, Office Communicator, SharePoint, etc.)

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