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Seymour Johnson AFB, United States, North America
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Mid Career (2+ years of experience)
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Full time

Operations Training Support

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ACC Fighter Squadron Operations Support

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Operations Training Support

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Subject Matter Expert Lvl 1

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Position:Operations Training Support

Provide ACC active duty fighter squadron functional support.


  • Update data in PEX or future equivalent systems to PEX, and locally-developed computer database systems as required.
  • Interface with Host Aviation Resource Management (HARM) personnel to update the Aviation Resource Management System (ARMS) or future equivalent systems to ARMS as required.
  • Review and update student/permanent party records, folders and grade books per the applicable Air Force Instructions (AFI 11-202V1 and AFI 11-2MDS-V1), associated ACC Installation supplements, and locally-developed guidance. Number of records will vary depending on unit manning/student throughput.
  • Administer classes and exams as required. Coordinate with scheduling to ensure crewmembers are scheduled for Crew Resource Management, Instructor Crew Resource Management, Instrument Refresher Course, and any other grounding or pre-deployment training requirements. Number of classes/exams will vary depending on unit manning/student throughput.
  • Perform weekly individual gradebook checks of personnel training and ancillary training requirements.
  • Prepare and execute periodic training/testing plans for approval and scheduling.
  • Provide weekly updates to squadron leadership containing the flight and readiness status of personnel to facilitate tracking of duty status and performance report/decoration accomplishment.
  • Coordinate with scheduling officer, enabling them to maximize training opportunities in accordance with unit leadership guidance. Scheduling and training will be consistent with AFIs.
  • Provide daily tracking of upgrade and continuation training accomplishment for the unit Operations Supervisor (or equivalent) as well as weekly summaries for the Operations Officer.
  • Assist in the development of new curriculum and syllabi for aircrew and ground training.
  • Generate the following reports/forms as required:

-        AF Form 4324, Aircraft Assignment/Aircrew Qualification Worksheet.

-        Training aids.

-        Monthly aircrew qualification level summary (also known as the “Letter of Xs”) and provide a copy of in-work and final documents to Wing Current Operations (OSS/OSO) and Wing Stan/Eval (OGV) NLT the last day of each month.

-        Monthly and quarterly Ready Aircrew Program (RAP) reports and RAP inputs to Wing OSS Training each quarter.

-        RAP reporting as required by the current RAP tasking message.

-        Monthly summary of aircrew probation/regression status.

-        Grade Book report.


-        Knowledge Skills and Abilities (KSA)

    1. Minimum two years of experience working with PEX or similar proprietary scheduling program
    2. Minimum two years of experience working with Microsoft Access, Excel, and SharePoint
    3. Minimum two years of experience working in a Squadron/Group/Wing training program or five years of experience working in a DoD Flying Squadron/Group/Wing training program


-        Demonstrated experience with Microsoft Office Suite applications (Outlook, Word, PowerPoint, Excel, Access, Office Communicator, SharePoint, etc.)

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